The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia has released statistics showing that the United Kingdom is the best performing market for tourist arrivals to Indonesia in 2022 against the target. Despite all the challenges being faced by the travel industry this year, the UK achieved 558.8% of its target between January and June 2022.

The month of June alone saw arrivals of nearly 15,000 (14,888) from the UK, representing a performance of 1240.7% against the target. This compares to the overall international target achievement of 224.2% of international tourist arrivals in June and of 106.6% between January and June 2022. The overall achievement of international arrivals in 2022 has reached 48.4% of the tourist target 2022 (1,800,000 arrivals).

Commenting on the performance, VITO UK’s Country Manager, Richard Hume, said: “We are delighted to see the UK achieving so well against the target. Time and again, the UK market shows its resilience in bouncing back from a crisis, and the latest statistics show that there really is a pent-up demand for travel. We expect these numbers to continue to soar for the rest of the year as the world opens up to tourism again. We would like to thank all our trade partners for their continued support to achieve these results.“

The top 5 performing markets for visitor arrivals to Indonesia against the target for the period between January and June 2022 were the United Kingdom, India, Australia, China, and the Netherlands.

Source: Hume Whitehead