Taking the rapid-15 minutes COVID-19 Antigen Test. I got my test results back in 15 minutes. Easy and quick.

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Cito Test Helicobacter Pylori Test Kit Rapid Test for H.Pylori Antigen Detection

LANDWINDHE Sensitive Point-of Care Test to detect Active SARS-CoV-2 Infection in 10 Minutes for COVID-19 Antigen Test(1P)
  • Test cassette: Aluminum foil bag, desiccant, test strip, and plastic card. The test strip consists of absorbent paper, nitrocellulose membrane, sample pad, the colloidal gold marker pad, and polyvinyl chloride pane
  • Extraction tubes: Phosphate buffer with surfactant 0.5 ml/piece (0.01M, pH7.4±0.2)
  • Swab: PE, flocking swab
  • STORAGE CONDITIONS AND VALIDITY DATE: The kit should be stored at 4 ~ 30℃ and the validity period is 12 months. The validity period is 1 hour after the aluminium foil bag is unsealed. (Temperature 4 ~ 30℃, Humidity <65%). The production date and expiration date of the kit can be found on the product label
  • Package Included: Test cassette X 1, Extraction tubes X 1, Swab X 1