Following the success of the Juliana Hiking Trail, a new Juliana Loop Biking trail launched in 2021 offers cyclists the chance to enjoy the beautiful Julian Alps mountain range. Covering a total of 290km along eight stages, the average stage length will be around 35km with a total tour ascent of 11,000m. The trail connects villages, towns, valleys, passes and plateaus, and various roads, bike paths, forest and agricultural trails, and cart tracks. There will also be an emphasis on hidden experiences and encounters with authentic food and drink producers that promises unique adventure travellers are unlikely to find elsewhere.

10 reasons Slovenia is perfect for cycling and cyclists: 

  1. Diverse terrain Slovenia’s cycling trails cross Mediterranean coastal paths, wooded hills and vineyards on guided tours or challenging solo treks up into the Alps – there’s a route for everyone. 
  2. Award-winning – Recently awarded “Europe’s most sustainable country,” the Slovenian government not only financially supports cycling in Slovenia as a form of tourism but also encourages it as a key lifestyle choice.
  3. Bike-friendly – Ljubljana is among the most bicycle-friendly cities worldwide. Ljubljana is listed among the top cycling cities according to the Copenhagenize Index. 
  4. Popular pastime – Slovenians like cycling; therefore, visitors can socialise with locals at numerous cycling events and competitions throughout the country. They can also follow the famous cyclists at the Tour of Slovenia and many routes encourage local community engagement guiding cyclists through several local towns.
  5. Ideal climate – Due to Slovenia’s location and the influence of the Mediterranean climate, biking is suitable all year round. Autumn is the best time to visit for hiking and cycling. 
  6. Perfect for families – The well-developed cycle paths in the valleys and along the rivers are ideal for family holidays with many resorts and hotels offering free bike rentals and storage. 
  7. Ample storage – Hotels, hostels, and tourist farms are equipped with storage for bikes; offering cyclists an overnight stay in one of 58 specialised cycling accommodations.
  8. Handy for beginners – Many of the trail distances are short or have shorter options for those just getting into the lifestyle, so cyclists can explore several regions during one stay.
  9. Well-maintained trails – Slovenia offers excellent infrastructure and safety for cyclists and the trails are maintained on a yearly basis. 
  10. Optimum location – Being in the middle of Europe, cycling trips can be a part of the wider European adventure. Slovenia is also included in the European Cycle Route Network.

Bike-friendly accommodations: 

Hotel Ribno, Bled

Owned by a cycling enthusiast, this bike-friendly hotel lives and breathes cycling and this is reflected in the services offered and its wide range of guided bike tours around the variety of scenic trails in the region. Hotel Ribno in Bled is the first zero-waste hotel in Slovenia and the ideal starting point for bike tours through the wonderful Karavankas and the Julian Alps. The perfect place for anyone who wants to experience an active bike holiday, while exploring the natural beauty of the Slovenian Upper Carniola region. From £75 a night for two people including breakfast.

Hotel Soča, Bovec

The unique architectural design of this cycling-friendly hotel Soča in the center of Bovec creates an idyllic environment for active-style holidays. The hotel offers visitors who want to explore hidden corners of the area electric mountain bikes for hire. Bovec, with its surrounding valleys deep in the Julian Alps, is a starting point for demanding or less demanding mountain bike tours. Bikers will enjoy cycling trails that lead to the Soča, waterfalls, and other natural and cultural sights in Bovec. From £139 a night for two people.

Hotel San Martin, Šmartno

Hotel San Martin is located in Šmartno, a medieval idyllic village in the Goriška brda, a wine-growing region nested halfway between the Alps and the Mediterranean sea, and steps away from Venice and the Soča Valley. The hotel offers 14 electric mountain bikes enabling visitors to discover every hidden spot of Goriška brda. A three-day package with electric bikes (2x overnight stay):  £120,00 / per person in a double room including breakfast, one daily rental of two electric bikes. For more holiday packages for cycling lovers please check here.

Three bike routes to explore in Slovenia: 

Bike Slovenia Green Gourmet Route

Starting in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, the route pedals under the Alps (Soča Valley), hugs the Italian border (Vipava Valley and Karst), and then heads to Posavje (cycling along Sava river) and ends in Maribor, the country’s second city. The trail stops in Green-certified-only destinations (Slovenia Green), follows quiet country byways and forest roads, and takes cyclists to vineyards, farms, and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Drava Cycling Route

The 710 km long Drava Cycling Route runs along Drava and connects Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. The cycling route is mainly located near the old riverbed of the Drava River, in the area of the Drava Landscape Park, away from traffic and urban regions. This concept of regulation follows the guidelines used by the Austrians attracting more than 100,000 cyclists per year. 

The Pohorje Cycling Route

The Pohorje Cycling Route will be fully re-marked this year with seven new connecting routes. The route navigates the wonders of untouched nature and Pohorje’s highlights from Church of St. Bolfenk on Maribor side to the bottom of Kremžarjev vrh in Koroška on the other side of Pohorje.

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