Ben Fogle travels to The Azores to explore the islands and takes on different challenges in each. On Faial he hikes along trails on a lunar landscape as well as along crater rims and finds out how volcanos have changes the island and the lives of its people. In the harbour town of Horta Ben displays his artistic abilities to leave his own landmark before a ferry ride to Pico where he climbs the highest mountain in Portugal to enjoy breathtaking views. On the island he also visits the vineyards growing among the lava stones and the underground lava tunnels. The island of St Jorges is ideal for more extreme adventure and here Ben’s skills in coasteering, canyoning and abseiling along this rugged terrain are tested. Finally, Ben travels to the largest island, San Miguel and to the historic centre of Ponta Delgada to discover the island’s rich heritage and culture. He travels to the most popular attraction on the island, Furnas and its spectacular geological feature of bubbling water and steaming vents and it’s here where he cooks his own geo-thermal meal. Closeby, he takes a dip in the thermal lake which is renowned for its healing properties. The Lakes of Sete Cidades are examples of the dramatic scenery which form the backdrop to his journey and especially while he kayaks in one of the crater lakes and jumps onto a mountain bike to seek adventure further afield. Official Tourism Website of the Azores Unravel Travel TV Twitter @UnravelTravelTV Unravel Travel TV on You Tube Unravel Travel TV