Readying For Road
Tuesday 17 November 2020
0900 to 1000hrs (GMT+8)

Green lanes for essential travel are starting up in Asia, which will allow companies to resume business-critical trips and contribute to economic recovery. How should corporate travel managers get ready for the resumption of travel activities? What processes must be in place now and what must be done to ensure their travellers are confident that they will remain in safe hands when travelling in a time of a pandemic?

Readying for take-off
Thursday 19 November 2020
0900 to 1000hrs (GMT+8)

The flight is a critical component in corporate travel, as travel can be disabled without air access. As the world begins to awaken from the Covid-19 slumber, how will the flying experience look like? And equally important, how will airport clearance flow with intense health and safety protocols in place?

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