The EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC), also known as the Green Passport, was introduced on the 1st July 2021 in all EU nations, except Ireland, who will wait until July 19th or later to implement the EU Digital COVID Certificate. Michael Collins (MD at flew from Vienna International Airport in Austria to Dublin Airport, Ireland using the new EU Digital Covid Certificate. The 1st July 2021 was the first the day all of Europe started using the Digital Covid Certificate, except for Ireland. The certificate facilitates safe free movement of Europe’s citizens without the need for testing or quarantine. The video below shows what the EU Digital Covid Certificate looks like. It has a QR code the top to speed up status verification and to project against falsification. The certificate can be either paper or digital in format and can be saved in an app or on a smart phone.

There are three ways to get the EU Digital Covid Certificate
i. you have a medical cert to prove you have recovered from Covid
ii. you are fully vaccinated
iii. or you have a negative PCR test result

Ireland was the only country in Europe not implementing the certificate on the 1st July 2020. Europe started working on this project back in November 2020. Ireland has had months to get ready for the agreed start date. Ireland already has the most restrictive travel protocols in Europe and has delayed implementation of the EU Digital Covid Certificate until the 19th July 2020. There are signals from government the July 19th date will be missed and implementation delayed again.

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