This video highlights the third section of the Le Puy Way, the Via Podiensis, which takes pilgrims from the magical village of Conques to the medieval town of Cahors with the Lot River wrapped around the towns historic centre. This is a wonderful stretch of the Le Puy Way, takes walkers along forest tracks, lush farmland and rolling hills with magnificent views. Pilgrims will cross the Causses du Quercy natural park and pass the 3,500 year old dolmen of Pech Loglaire; as well as the oldest stone cross on the Le Puy Camino route. For more information on this section and to book a walking holiday with visit

1 Conques
Day one of your http// walk you will arrive in Conques, the starting point of your Camino journey. Conques has preserved its medieval architecture nearly intact and is one of the most stunning towns of the whole Le Puy Way. The town has been a destination for pilgrims for many centuries, as the Romanesque Abbey has the relics of Sainte Foy. Take at least half a day to wander its quaint cobbled streets, visit the cathedral and admire the magnificent scenery.

2 Conques to Decazeville – 20km
5h | +787m / -898m
Bay two of your walk you leave the charming village of Conques walking down to the Dourdou River and crossing its medieval bridge. From here you will climb gradually to the chapel of Sainte Foy. The water from the small spring beside the chapel is said to cure tired eyes. There are fantastic views of the village as you leave it behind. The Le Puy Way then takes pilgrims through forests and lush green fields to the town of Decazeville, where you will be stopping for the night. On your way, it is worth stopping in the village of Noailhac and the chapel of Saint Roch; a peaceful spot for a picnic break and great views of the surrounding landscape;

3 Decazeville to Figeac – 28km
6h30 | +717m / -726m
Day 3 of your walk you will notice the change in the landscape as you move from the Aveyron region into Le Lot. Climbing uphill steadily for the first part of the day you will reach the viewing point with a nice view looking back at Decazeville. Your overnight stop is in the pretty town of Figeac.

4 Figeac to Cajarc – 31km
From Figeac, the Via Podiensis Camino route climbs up to a high plateau so there are many ups and downs on the fourth day of walking, but the climbing is rewarded with fantastic views. The landscape wild as you pass ancient dolmens, stone shelters unique to the region and stone crosses, including the oldest on the whole route. Your overnight stop is in the peaceful town of Cajarc on the banks of the Lot River. Check out its 19th century suspension bridge (which replaced the original medieval stone bridge).

5 Cajarc to Limogne en Quercy – 18km
4h30 | +442m / -285m
Today’s walk takes you trough peaceful woods and the agricultural lands of La Causse. An easy day’s walk, allowing you plenty of time to pace yourself and enjoy the scenery. There aren’t many services until you reach Limogne so make sure you pack water and snacks for the day.

6 Limogne en Quercy to Mas de Vers – 27km
5h | +243m / -270m
The Le Puy trail follows a mainly flat and peaceful woodland tracks, as you continue your journey across the Les Causses Natural Park. On your way to Mas de Vers you will encounter more dolmens and stone structures. In Mas de Vers take the opportunity to taste the region’s most celebrated delicacy: the black truffle.

7 Mas de Vers to Cahors – 22km
4h45 | +271m / -417m
From Mas de Vers your last walking day will take you to Cahors, passing on the way many stone shepherd shelters known as ‘caselle’, unique to the region. As arrive into medieval Cahors you will get some fantastic views of the town.

8 Cahors
Cahors medieval town is surrounded by steep cliffs and the Lot River. It is one of the nicest towns on the Le Puy Camino route. It is definitely worth spending an extra day to explore its historic centre, wander its quaint little lanes lined by wooden framed medieval buildings, go for a stroll along the Lot River, cross the iconic 14th century Valentré Bridge and pay a visit to Saint-Etienne Cathedral.

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