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Jane Wilson on a journey to find out what’s hip, what’s happening and what’s here in Miami, Florida. Jane takes a walking tour of the Art Deco District in South Beach, Miami where pastel coloured buildings have been renovated and architectural features of the era are on display. A number of the buildings may be recognised from the big screen and there’s a glimpse of the home owned by Gianni Versace. And even at night, the 30s glamour is lit in neon lights. Miami’s Design district is a trendy place to visit and Jane explores the wide choice of art galleries, designer shops and interior design displays while perusing fashionable shop fronts. Beyond the beaches and the bars is Wynwood, a reborn corner of Miami and former warehouse district which now parades coloured works of graffiti artists and muralists from around the globe. Here Jane hops onto a Vespa for a tour of the area to explore this groovy art scene.

A short distance from ultra-modern Miami lies a time warp, Little Havana, an old-time Cuba with its mom and pop enterprises, food and cultural habits. Here, Jane joins a culinary tour for a taste of authentic Cuban food in a variety of restaurants, she visits galleries along the way, peeks into Domino Park, a must for any visitor, watches a master roller making Cuban cigars, and is tempted by a Panama hat before a visit to Versailles Restaurant for a spot of people watching.

Miami’s museum scene is definitely not one to miss, from libraries of artefacts, a memorial sculpture, master paintings, a touch of artistic eroticism to acres of historical landmarks. Jane visits The Wolfsonian, The World Erotic Art Museum, The Bass Museum and the Holocaust Memorial -dramatic tribute in quiet splendour amidst Miami’s energy. Nestling on the edge of Coconut Grove is Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, not only a National Historic Landmark but a museum where she enjoys the secret gardens dotted with fountains and the house full of antiques from around the world.

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