Mr Thourn Sinan, Chairman / Board Member, PATA Cambodia Chapter speaking to Unravel Travel TV at the ASEAN Travel Forum 2022 about the PATA Cambodia Chapter.

PATA Cambodia Chapter

PATA Cambodia Chapter mobilizes tourism-related businesses in Cambodia across the industry to work together to promote a responsible business environment and to respond to sustainable tourism development. The PATA Cambodia Chapter is working in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and tourism-related associations in Cambodia such as CATA, CHA, CRA, Transport Association, Airline Association, etc. to promote Cambodia as a must-see tourism destination in Asia. PATA Cambodia Chapter also aims to strengthen the image of Cambodia as the host country for tourism-related international events.
The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is a membership association that enables travel and tourism organizations to build their business in the Asia Pacific region. The organization was established to promote travel & tourism to, from, and within “Asia Pacific”. PATA mobilizes through its network of members a global community of tourism professionals. PATA is known as the leading voice and authority on Asia Pacific travel and tourism through delivering advocacy, networking, education, events, and data-driven insight.

Currently, there are more than 750 organization members including government and private sector. The head office is in Bangkok and there are 41 chapters of PATA around the world, plus three student chapters.

Pacific Asia Travel Association – The Cambodia Chapter is a not-for-profit membership association, neutral, nondiscrimination on nationality or race, not favor in any religious, non-partisan, and established to serve the benefits and fulfill the need of tourism stakeholders in Cambodia. The main aim of the Chapter establishment is to act as a dynamic catalyst in contribution to promoting and strengthening tourism development in Cambodia.