A land of a thousand faces. Human faces, and faces of nature. Located in southern Brazil between the states of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina is not easily defined. This small Brazilian state, with a little more than 6 million residents, unites within its unique 95 thousand km2 a diversity of scenery and people that marvels visitors. From white sand beaches, tropical forests and snowy mountains to Azorean fishermen, Italian farmers, and German industrialists, this is a land of beautiful, sharp and fascinating contrasts.

These contrasts are also found in the economy. A strong agriculture, based on small farms, shares space with an active industrial park, the fourth largest in Brazil. Large companies and thousands of small businesses are spread across the state, linked to consumer centers and ports by an efficient highway grid. These roads also boost tourism, a natural vocation of this small state, now the nation’s third largest tourist center.

The balance and dynamism of the Santa Catarina economy are reflected in high levels of growth, literacy, employment and per capita income that are much above the national average. These numbers surprise and complement the fascinating profile of one of the most productive and beautiful Brazilian states.

Santa Catarina, Brazil www.sc.gov.br

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